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Are you sick of taking apart your PC and bringing it to a repair shop every time it needs service-only to wait a long time to get it back? REK Computers is a computer repair Orlando company that provides computer repair, virus removal, registry cleaning, spyware removal, malware removal, data recovery, hard drive backup solutions, PC security, IT services, web design, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and more! Our trusted home computer repair technicians and Network Administrators will come directly to your home or office to solve your computer troubles right on-the-spot. Simply call us to schedule your repair or to get a free quote. We offer computer repair service for Orlando, and the greater Orlando area.

Is Your Computer A Few Years Old?

Is it slow booting up? Are you running out of hard drive space? REK Computers is a computer repair Orlando, FL company that can breathe new life into your PC by upgrading some of its critical components. Even if your system is fairly new, you can still upgrade your pc to accommodate your growing collection of digital photos, movies, files, or video games. Have questions about whether or not you should upgrade? Call REK Computers (a computer repair Orlando FL company) today for a free estimate! REK Computers gives a free phone diagnostic, free quotes, and all of our services come with a 30 day warranty. If we can't fix it, the service call is FREE!

If you're having trouble with your home computer, your internet connection, printer, or have other computer repair needs or problems, REK Computers is the computer repair Orlando company that you are looking for that can send a trained, computer technician to your home today. We also provide instant online remote support for common computer problems. All of our services come with a NO FIX NO PAY guarantee and a 30 day warranty. From Macs, to PC's, we can fix them! Hardware problems? NO PROBLEM! We can fix any hardware problem such as broken motherboards, DC Jacks for laptops, cracked screens and more.

Have you been dealing with problems regarding your PC or laptop? Maybe your notebook or server is acting up and you’re in need of some expert assistance. Call the computer repair service Orlando, FL has known and loved for over 13 years. REK Computers is a computer repair Orlando company that comes right to your house or office to troubleshoot, repair, or upgrade your computer. Just see how much stress you can avoid with one simple phone call.

These days when you purchase a PC or a laptop you’ll find that constant changes happen on an almost daily basis. Upgrades are needed every other month, and popups begin to rear their ugly faces more

and more, slower performance causes you unnecessary headaches; these are the common issues we face at some point in time with our computers. Instead of trying to take these issues on alone, let the award-winning Orlando, FL computer repair service come and do it for you. We have friendly and professional technicians standing by to assist you with any questions you might have thereafter as well as a 30 day warranty to ensure you the best experience and most importantly, to keep you happy.

If you run a business, small or big, you're already aware that computers need constant attention or else they will start to underperform, slow down, or fail completely, affecting your company to devastating heights. Feel confident using a computer repair service in Orlando that has been in business for over a decade. We work hard for our clients to make sure those problematic situations disappear. Sleep easier knowing REK Computers is in your corner and on hand virtually any time you need. We are here to answer questions and fix your PC, laptop, server, printer, or other devices.

Even if you don't think your computer needs repairing, a maintenance checkup is never a bad thing. REK Computers is a computer repair service that will come out and diagnose any problem you have, in most cases the same day you call us. We give free quotes over the phone to make your decision even easier on you. Don’t let yourself wait until water is covering your head; nip the problem in the bud ahead of time and ensure that your computer is running the best that it possibly can at all times. REK Computers is an Orlando FL computer repair service you can count on and trust who has all the answers and can solve the issue quickly with expert precision. Call us right now for a free quote or to get answers you might need regarding your PC or other device, and see for yourself why we’re among the best in the business.

REK is a one stop computer shop located in Orlando Florida that can take care of all your computer needs. From virus removal, to data backup, to data recovery, to hardware problems, to system cleanout, to system reformats, we do it all and make it fit your budget. We have been servicing Orlando FL and the greater Orlando area for over 13 years with an excellent reputation and reviews we are proud of.

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Virus & Malware

There are 2 types of viruses that we like to talk about. There’s the blatantly obvious ones and the ones that are hidden in the background trying to stay as silent and quiet as possible.

Virus & Malware

The blatantly obvious virus would be the kind that pops up every few minutes to call a phone number and that your computer is infected. Your computer is in fact infected if you see this but the popup you see is the virus itself. Don’t be misled by what is being sold on the screen or even what you hear through your speakers. “You have a virus! Call us now to remove 1800-XXX-XXXX”. Do not trust these people, these are the people responsible for infecting your computer in the first place. They will not hesitate to steal your credit card or your identity. NEVER trust a computer company that you don’t find yourself locally. Whether it be that you use REK Computers for your computer repair service in Orlando or another company, just make sure you use someone locally to avoid potential scams.

There are many types of viruses that are blatantly obvious like the one above but different. The google redirect virus is one of them. Say you go to google and you search for a computer repair company in Orlando but when you click the link to the company it redirects you to a completely different website or you have popups that come with clicking on the link. Or you get to the website you are trying to go to but there are ads across the top and sides of the website selling you products or services. If you see something like this, you guessed it, you’re infected.

But what about the virus that you don’t see, what do some of these viruses do? These pesky viruses are just like parasites. They want to stay as quiet and un-noticed as possible so they can stay and reap the most benefits.

Some like to data mine. They want to know what you are searching for and everything about you so they can sell that information or do targeted ad marketing to you. Some like to steal your information, maybe it’s logging your keystrokes and trying to find out your passwords, maybe even credit card information. Although the keylogging viruses are rare, they do in fact exists and you should be aware of anything and everything you are installing from the internet. Don’t be misled online by a fake program or fake website telling you that you need something when you don’t. Here at REK, we always look for viruses when servicing computers. When doing system cleanouts we always look for viruses, so call a trusted computer repair company in Orlando like REK Computers.

Data Backup & Recovery

Data Backup

If your data isn’t backed up on a regular schedule you’re putting yourself at risk of losing all of it. Most people tend to think that their data is safe on their computer and that no data backup solution is needed, when in fact everyone’s hard drive has a fairly high failure rate. It’s not a matter of IF your hard drive will fail, it’s WHEN your hard drive will fail. Depending on how much data you have will determine what kind of backup you require. If you store all of your personal pictures on your computer or all of your work documents, it’s highly recommended that you have an external hard drive that backups up on a daily basis. Here at REK Computers, we provide many different backup solutions to fit your needs. Whether it’s for your home computer, business computer, or server, we have a solution for you.

Data Recovery

Your data is important, trust us, we get it. REK Computers provides data recovery services in Orlando and the greater Orlando area. Is your computer not booting up anymore but you have really important files still that you cant access any longer? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Not only can we do data recovery in Orlando but we can also help to ensure that this doesn’t happen again and protect you from a catastrophic loss. Having external backup devices is essential for protecting yourself and your clients from future data losses. Just because your computer isn’t turning on, or you have a virus that makes your files invisible doesn’t necessarily mean that your files are gone. REK Computers is your trusted data recovery company in Orlando that can help get you or your business back up and running again.

Hardware Problems

Hardware problems

Are you getting bluescreens? Maybe your computer just isn’t turning on or it’s crashing when using a certain application or video game. Don’t worry, we can fix that. Here at REK Computers we have expert hardware technicians that can diagnose any hardware issue. From custom built machines to prebuilt manufacturer machines, we can fix them all. Most common parts are kept in stock but in the off chance it’s a custom piece of hardware, we can order it from one of our many wholesalers that we use nationwide.

Cracked laptop screen? Broken DC jack (charging port)? Broken hinges? We got that covered too! When we say any hardware problem, we mean ANY hardware problem. From laptops to PC’s it makes no difference to us, we can fix it! And as always, all jobs come with a 30 day warranty.

Hardware Problems Hardware Problems Hardware Problems
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System Cleanouts

If your computer is starting to run slow, most people think that the computer is getting old or it's time to get a new computer. The reality is, that over time all computers get slow but it’s not the hardware that’s causing the problem it’s the operating system. Over time you accumulate more data, more hidden spyware, more programs are being installed that run in the background, more adware, and more junk. The more you accumulate, the slower the computer gets, even a brand new computer can become overwhelmed if it’s not maintained properly.

It's easy for for us technicians. We install a program and know that it may have processes that get installed to automatically run in the background when windows


starts, so we know where to go to remove it right away. We like to keep our computer clean and organized at all times. We also run virus scans, adware scans, and spyware scans often. We know where to go and where not to go. But without this knowledge most people’s computers become overwhelmed with junk. Here at REK Computers, we can help you be sure when you aren’t. Just give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you have about installing or not installing something or if you are unsure of something the computer is telling you to do.

Imagine for a second installing a fresh copy of windows. At this point, there are only essential programs running in the background and nothing else.


Well.. Now… We need antivirus right? So we install AVG or Avast and it places a new service that runs at all times in the background right when the computer starts. Of course, we would consider that an essential program but did you know that programs like adobe reader do the same thing? There are many programs that are not needed to be running at all times that are and this is why our computers start to slow down so rapidly. With a system clean out we can revitalize your computer and bring lost speed back that you thought was gone for good. So before you go out and buy a new computer, is it really necessary? Most of the time, it's not.


System Reformat

Did you know that your computer can be as fast and brand new as the first day you bought it? Most people don’t know that doing a system reformat can make your computer NEW again. What we do is back up all of your personal data and reinstall windows from scratch. By doing this, it essentially makes your computer brand new all over again. Of course the hardware stays the same but your computer becomes completely renewed to the point where you just got it! We typically do system reformats for computers where viruses have destroyed a computer or if a hard drive is failing but we also like to do it for system that are so slow and clogged up that even a system clean out can’t fix.

System Reformat